We're on a Mission!

To improve the way menstruators experience periods!

Periods! Periods! Yes, we said Periods! We understand how difficult Periods can be, the pain the cramps, the mood swings, the bloating, and OMG, the crying. You require the most love, pampering, and chocolates during your Periods, and that’s why we bring to you PeriodBuddy. We brought to you Period Kits where all the products are curated with obsessive attention to detail. There’s not one, or two but three different kinds of kits, from your basic needs to your premium needs. These kits contain different foods for your cravings, different products to take care of your Period hygiene, magazines with fun activities, and our most special product which is our love for you! It’s all there, it’s everything you need and want during your Periods. 

You can count on us!

Give us a smile? no, give us a good cry!

“Fly high with those magical wings, nothing can let you down, not even your periods.”

This is our attempt to remind those who menstruate about their limitless potential. This is our attempt to remind you that you are perfect, and adapt self care and love. That you can hit every hardship across journey with a bright smile.

Born with a Purpose

Our dream is to create a world, where you can talk freely about periods without any euphemism, where you don’t whisper about your “shark week” or “moon-time”. Instead where period is easy to deal with.

Better Periods

From stains and cramps to those ups and downs, Periods can sometimes turn everything into a ‘bloody experience’. We believe that, a better period experience is a must and offer freedom that every menstruator deserves. Our dedicated team, takes utmost care in creating a perfect kit to pamper and make periods easy to deal with.

Talk Freely

Period! Topic of menstruation is always a ‘hush’ wrapped behind a black plastic bag in India. We are striving for “No more whispers” about periods. Even today, after great advancement in technology, “Periods are still a shame “. We believe, there is a great need to create an environment where people can talk freely about periods and treat it what it is, a natural phenomenon. 

Period Knowledge

68% of Indian girls & more than 80% transgenders are still unaware of periods before they get their first period. There are many myths about periods in our country even in the educated ones. There are lot of confusions and worries about periods, in teenagers. We at PeriodBuddy, have taken an initiative to educate women menstruators about the hygiene, healthcare and understanding their flow and issues regarding their cycle.

How we bring the transition?






Our accomplishments

6 ratings out of 5


Women loved our product so much that more than 30% have given us 6 rating out of 5. We are 4.85+ rated product. This inspires us to go an extra mile for their happiness.

Happy Periods

We are proud to say that many doctors, dancers, teachers, lawyers, housewives and many more women fell in love with our pampering and period experience with PeriodBuddy.