Angel Magazine July21 Edition

Short Movies

 “Cute Romcom, breath-taking suspense, Awakening movies can take me to a new realm”

Afterglow – by Kaushal

– National Award Winning Short Film (FTII)

This is a tragic-comic piece about a Parsi widow who has just lost her husband and the condolence visitors who come in to offer their mock sympathy.Instead of letting her traditions and opinions of others get in her way, she takes time and dwells through the memories from their time together. The film maker has beautifully captured every nuance that grows on you ! This movie will remain long time in your mind

The Neighbors’ Window

– Oscar Winning Short Film

This is a short reminder that we’re on this earth to enjoy every little thing we can.
In this movie, families can watch what’s going on into the other’s apartment, through their
windows capturing everything. And a lot happens in each apartment, a whole life of joys
and sorrows, of enthusiasms and regrets. The ending is gonna shake you!

The Perfect Murder

– Award Winning Crime Drama Short Film

A struggling actor, with dreams of making it big, hatches a plan to kill his wealthy wife in order to inherit the fortune she will leave behind.The story not does sound similar to many that have come before it. This thriller will definitely make you ,forget your killer cramps

Budh (Awakening)

– Nominated for FilmFare 2020

BUDH, is a women centric Short Film (Based on Indian Roots) . It’s a Story of three women from different parts of India in different age group.These women have a similar struggle in their daily life and that is mental and physical abuse. It is an Awakening movie for all women to take a stand for themselves.

Short story

“I’m the one, who gets lost in a good story”



Period playlist for the lazy day

“I just wanna lay on my bed, sipping that hot coffee.”

we can’t deny the fact that periods are annoying .All we can do is  just accept it. This video song is funny mix of all the stages, suffering and the mood swings that we women go through during our whole cycle .
This will definitely make you laugh!

Don’t you love being a woman? We all have heard so much from the society. Don’t do that ! Don’t do this ! Especially on period days. This song is your inner voice,when you are sick of hearing the comments of people.

You might cry just for breaking a cup and after a while you be like “why did i act so silly.” Yes ! our menstrual cycle is full of ups and downs . Our emotions are just a play of our hormones . But would you listen to me , if I tell you the entire theory of hormones ?! This 2 min video is a blend of all the reasons to your mood swings

“I wish people could pay me ,for just laying on the couch with a cup of hot coffee while watching my favourite show.” Tiredness is always an uninvited guest during that time of the month. This video song is a cute version of Brunomar’s -Lazy song.
Look, how the little cat is embracing it’s lazy day in this song.

we feel very crappy on periods. And people say that we overact! Here is perfect sync of musical beat for your irritation on those crappy days.

It’s a crappy day !! soo BOOOO!

Cheer-up music for your period blues

“Music can heal everything”

Stand-up comedy

” The most wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed ”

run when mom calls

By Sumuki Suresh

This is about how she runs the hell away, when her amma calls at an odd time. Do you? All of us can relate to our experiences listening to this stand-up comedy. This will definitely make you laugh recall those funny moments.

why parle-G is the best biscuit ever

– By Vir Das

Our childhood cannot be imagined without Parle-G. We all had struggled with over dipped biscuit since then. This comedy, about our all time favourite biscuit and the  emotional connection we had with that, will definitely make you forget everything for a while.

Short films

    “Movies take me into a new realm”

The most beautiful thing

– Winner of the LACHSA 2012 Moon Dance Best Film Award

This short film is a unlikely love storyy of two teenagers , and  makes you feel a range of emotions within it’s eleven minute time frame. The music used is orchestral and quite beautiful which adds to the whole warm and uplifting feel to the film. This movie teaches us the lessons of acceptance and not being judgemental

 “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, heard or even touched, they must be felt with the heart,”– Helen Killer
this is the quote the film so nicely portrays

stranger in my land

This short film is a hard hitting short film that talks about the undeniable racial profiling met out to people of the Northeast in and around India. The film tries to portray the ignorance of the mainland Indians towards the Northeast India, its rich and vibrant culture and the immense patriotism of people of the Northeast India. It depicts a dark and an uneasy cloud of the evil called Racism that exists in the Indian society


“poetry is when an emotion has found it’s thought and the thought has found words ” – Robert Frost

June 20 Short Story


Cramp relieving music for relaxation

“The right music has the power to heal, to cleanse, and to uplift your entire being.”

This Binaural Beat Session is specifically tuned to help ease the pain of menstrual cramping. Just plug-in your head phones and relax with the music.The combination of carrier frequency and binaural beat has been used greatly used to ease the pain of menstrual cramping.

Don’t lose your cool…
Make peace with puzzles!

You are Puzzled!

 “A knotty puzzle can keep you thinking for centuries.”

It just looks the same but it’s not !

LOOK ! Look deeper and find the difference 

Play now

Spy with a little eye

You must have a detective eye to catch me. Come lets play Hide and seek with pictures.

Play now

Love Numbers..?

Finding  Mr. X in the class was super fun to you ? Here you go! 

Play now

Think ! Think !

Iam gonna trick you here

Play now

Play with colours

we think that we know colours since childhood ,but many find this simple colour brain game very challenging. Don’t believe, right? play this game.

Only rule is, “say the color , not the word.” Now it’s you turn !

Test your Memory
Bring out the child in you!

Match the pictures of the food .For every correct match, you will know the benefit of that food during your period days.

play now

Iam clueless!!

Can you help me find the missing number?

Play now

Don’t look deep,you might fall in that black hole !

Looks are always deceptive !

Optical illusions are always fun . They are the only ones that we love even after knowing they are deceptive 😉

Play now