“I enjoyed my periods and yes I never felt so pampered during this time”


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Very nice and informative product, Love this product

29/04/23 || First Period Book

I had brought books to make her aware about puberty and how to deal with periods. I found books to be very good and covered everything that was necessary for her to know about periods. But I wish you guys elaborate more on the puberty, why they get pimples, so much mood swings? Also help them understand that facial hair is normal. Aso, please elaborate on puberty changes in boys.

Aparna Sharma FPB
Aparna Sharma
Feb 24, 2023 || First Period Book

My daughter is 8 yrs old, seeing me using menstrual products she was curious about it. Hence, I had brought the books to give her education about periods. She loved them and got so much excited that she read the books twice as well as discussed with her dad too. Books cover everything I feel, infact I learnt certain terms which even I was unaware of.

Roopa FPB
Feb 14, 2023 || First Period Book

I had brought book set to make sure she is aware and feels confident about periods before she gets one. Both of us read them together. The books covered every topic that was necessary for my daughter at this age to understand about the menstruation. I found them really useful in making periods concept clear.

Dhanashree FPB
Feb 13, 2023 || First Period Book

As a mother wanted her to understand and simultaneously prepare her for periods, so got the book set. Post reading, my daughter found the set very informative and explanatory. Further, books made it easier for me to make her grasp the concept rather than myself expaining her about it.

Sweety Agarwal FPB
Sweety Agarwal
Feb 5, 2023 || First Period Book

As her friends got periods, my daughter got initially scared. I brought book set that made it easier for me to broach the topic, her period concept got clear, myths that she had were busted and now she has become comfortable to know all girls get it. I found the content was basic and enough to sum up about what is necessary for them to understand about periods. Also, I would recommend you to discuss more on hygiene.

Neha FPB
Feb 4, 2023 || First Period Book

I found all the parts of books were very insightful and self explanatory. But one topic that can be covered could be since screen time has increased, will it have any effect on her periods?

Neha FPB
Jan 29, 2023 || First Period Book

Instead of myself explaining my daughter about periods, I had brought the book set to give her an insight about periods. Also, we read them together and overall my daughter just loved them. I believe that the books had sufficient information with nice pictures that made it easier for her to understand about periods. I would recommend to talk more on hygiene practices.

Reeja Thankachen FPB
Reeja Thankachen
Jan 25, 2023 || First Period Book

My Daughter was not aware and I was also uncomfortable to discuss about periods, but at the same time wanted to educate her hence had ordered the books as a birthday gift. Initially she got scared after reading books that such things happen with girls but later the books helped her to understand that it happens with all girls. Overall we really loved the books and hence I have referred to my friend as well.

Kumud FPB
Jan 21, 2023 || First Period Book

My daughter is an avid reader so while reading on human body, she started to ask about periods hence thought book would help me to approach this topic. I loved the idea that information was put across in nice illustrative manner divided in 7 parts, not overloading them at once and scaring them. Also, books were handy but I want you to work on outer packaging, give it more fairy tale book looks.

Jia Gupta FPB
Jia Gupta
Jan 18, 2023 || First Period Book

My daughter liked the book, those cartoon pictures helped her to clearly understand about periods. As a parent I had hitch in discussing about periods but books were really helpful in mentally preparing myself and my daughter to get ready for her periods. I really liked that few terms like PCOS were explained very well which we don't tell them intially

Veedhi Naredi FPB
Veedhi Naredi
Jan 17, 2023 || First Period Book

I had purchased books thinking it might help since she doesn't have elder sibling. or elders to explain her about periods. We went through Pre period book as she has not got periods. We really liked how in easy terms with nice illustrations the biological reason and basics of periods were explained. But, I would recommend givea more detailed description of each topic.

Prachi FPB
Jan 12, 2023 || First Period Book

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