Stress always says a big yes, even without any invitation

Research says mind games and puzzles reduces stress, anxiety , boosts the self esteem, and helps you focus

Riddles ! Riddles !

Finding out that secret meaning in those hidden words can be really fun. Kids comes to us asking answers to those riddles . But not all of them are easy ! They are so playful.

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hide and seek

Can you spot it ? Turn on your detective eye mode ! Last time when have you played, ” finding hidden objects .” You might have never done nor even had thought of it, in these modern days of gadgets.

Recall your childhood memories and test your focus now !

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“If you want something go get it. period.” -Will Smith

We cannot forget some dialogues. They just echo in our head, when needed to hear and inspire us.  Movies take us a different land , even after years the traces from movies are still remained in our hearts. 

Recall these movies with the help of emoticons.

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Attention please!

Did u ever feel like, “Couple of hours ago, I knew something was playing, but I couldn’t really hear it.” Our thoughts are endless. With time we have developed to focus on important thing while blocking the rest .That’s why sometimes, it’s just in-front of our eyes but we fail to notice it. This is called as selective attention.Wanna test yourself too? This video is gonna amaze you!

Artzy ! Craftzy !

“Let your smile bloom while your hands crafting these flowers !”

Now it’s time to get crafty!

The colour papers and glue required to make these lovely flowers comes with the carebear kit.

PS: You can also decorate that boring wall with these beautiful flowers.