You might have had so many plans to go trekking, or the college trip that was planned, or that family tour . But that warning alarm of periods might have ruined everything for you .    Remember those challenges, that shaped you in your best stronger version                                              “Every difficulty just expands our old boundaries and sets a new limit.”                          Go girl ! Nothing can let you down not even your periods.

Stress always says a big yes, even without any invitation

Research says mind games and puzzles reduces stress, anxiety , boosts the self esteem, and helps you focus

Riddles ! riddles !

Finding out that secret meaning in those hidden words can be really fun. Kids comes to us asking answers to those riddles . But not all of them are easy ! They are so playful.

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hide and seek

Can you spot it ? Turn on your detective eye mode ! Last time when have you played, ” finding hidden objects .” You might have never done nor even had thought of it, in these modern days of gadgets.

Recall your childhood memories and test your focus now !

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“If you want something go get it. period.” -Will Smith

We cannot forget some dialogues. They just echo in our head, when needed to hear and inspire us.  Movies take us a different land , even after years the traces from movies are still remained in our hearts. 

Recall these movies with the help of emoticons.

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Attention please!

Did u ever feel like, “Couple of hours ago, I knew something was playing, but I couldn’t really hear it.” Our thoughts are endless. With time we have developed to focus on important thing while blocking the rest .That’s why sometimes, it’s just in-front of our eyes but we fail to notice it. This is called as selective attention.Wanna test yourself too? This video is gonna amaze you!