First Period comes with a set of challenges

Not only for daughter but for parents as well

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Everything you need before your daughter hits first periods

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First Period Book Set

The books comprise of short stories that will help your daughter understand periods in an easier way rather than complicating her with data and facts about periods. The book is age appropriate and only contains the information that she needs to know.

First Period Kit

The Blossom Kit (First Period)

First Periods are hard to comprehend for your little daughter that is why we made first period kit to introduce her to periods on a positive note. The kit consists of everything from books to menstrual products, to her favorite snacks (which is healthy too).

Introducing.. First Period KnowledgeHouse

1st Period-o-pedia

Through “First Period-o-pedia” Periodbuddy aims to educate people on menstruation regardless of their age and gender. From explaining periods to young ones to easing out parents’ concerns we have it all…

First Period

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Tips For First Periods

Tips shared by our community, by ones who have gone through it and wished it should have been shared with them when they hit their 1st one

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It is very nice and thoughtful and also well Organised, You have maintained good hygiene.

Monali Bhamare

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Thank you, this got delivered today and my niece and sister both loved it!


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book was quite informative, loved the snacks, made journey quite comfortable, no improvements as such


Making First Periods Comfortable, TOGETHER!

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