First Period Signs and Symptoms

The first period is a milestone in a young girl’s life, and it can bring about many changes

First Period Signs and symptoms

First period signs

After nearly 2 years her breasts start developing and about 6 months after the start of the growth of pubic hair, she can expect menarche, that is, her 1st period. Following are the few changes commonly noticed before one hits menarche.


If your daughter is facing extreme cramps around the abdomen, it is better to be prepared for the "Period Day"

Vaginal Discharge

Another sign of her period starting soon can be vaginal discharge fluid (whitish substance like mucus).


Breaking out of pimples can also be taken as a hint of her period getting closer.

Height growth at a halt

If her height grows at a high pace and you see a slow down in her height, probably less than 2.5 inches per year, then understand that her periods are around the corner.

Mood Swings

When she suddenly turns her "Drama queen" mode on and starts throwing mood swings at you, it's the time you can expect her periods soon.

You ask, We answer

While the timing of an individual’s first period can vary, there are some signs and symptoms that might indicate its arrival within approximately a week. Here are a few common signs to look out for:

  1. Increased vaginal discharge: You might notice an increase in vaginal discharge, which can become thicker and stickier in the days leading up to your first period.

  2. Spotting or light bleeding: Some girls experience light spotting or light pinkish/brownish discharge a few days before their first period. This is known as “premenstrual spotting” and can be an early indication that your period is approaching.

  3. Abdominal cramps or discomfort: You may experience mild cramping or aching sensations in your lower abdomen as your body prepares for menstruation.

While it’s impossible for me to predict the exact timing of an individual’s first period, Stomach cramps may be a signs indicate its approach

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