Period Kits

Period Essential Kit

Kit has day-wise period hygiene care so that you don’t have to stress to get “Every month purchase”. It also has little treat for you.

Starts at 249/- per month

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Complete Period Kit

Comes with everything you wish you had during periods, food to satisfy cravings or period hygiene care, its all there.

Starts at 349/- per month

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Premium Period Kit

Just when you thought it can’t get better, we’ve raised our own standards of pampering to give a period experience you’ll never forget.

Starts at 1999/- per month

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First Period Kit

Has everything she needs to confidently make it through her menarche!

Starts at 899/- per month

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First Period Book

Imparts appropriate knowledge  to ease her transition to Womanhood!

Starts at ₹499/- per month

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