Period Kits

Menstrual care, comfort and pampering kits. Curated with excessive attention to detail

For Woman

Chill Kit

The Chill Kit

Kit has day-wise period hygiene care so that you don’t have to stress to get “Every month purchase”. It also has little treat for you.

Starts at ₹ 269/- Per month

The Cheer Kit

Comes with everything you wish you had during periods, food to satisfy cravings or period hygiene care, its all there.

Starts at ₹ 809/- Per month

Charmer Kit

Just when you thought it can’t get better, we’ve raised our own standards of pampering to give a period experience you’ll never forget.
Starts at ₹ 2249/- Per month

ChillCheerCharmer Plan

All 3 kits combined plan
Starts at ₹ 1266/- Per month

The Best Fit Kit

find best menstruation hygiene product suited to your body and needs by trying a variety of brand in one go.

The Saviour Kit (Emergency)

The perfect backup plan for busy, active lifestyles

Period Kits For Daughter

Blossom Kit (1st Menstruation)

Kit has everything your daughter needs to make it confidently through first period

Starts at ₹ 1499/- onwards

Comfort Kit (2nd period onwards)

Make your daughter’s period a breeze with our comprehensive Period Comfort Kit.
Starts at ₹ 449/- onwards

For Mother Daughter Duo

The Duo Kit

A Unique And Empowering Way For Mothers And Daughters To Embrace Their Menstrual Cycles Together

The Family Pack

The Family Period Care Bundle

a comprehensive solution designed to support every member of your family through the journey of menstrual health and education.