Puberty in-relation to periods

When a boy or girl reaches puberty, they reach sexual maturity. It’s a procedure that typically takes place between the ages of 12 and 16 for boys and between 10 and 14 for girls. It results in bodily changes and has varied effects on boys and girls. 



Various Bodily Changes Explained

Puberty & Periods Page
Change In Breasts And Nipples
Typically, 2-3 years after the onset of breast growth is when people experience their first menstruation. It can take closer to three years for your menstruation to begin if your breast buds begin to grow around the age of eight or nine.
Body Shape
It's typical for your height and weight to shift along with your hips enlarging. While some portions of your body remain the same, other sections of your body will change in shape and size. This may start about the same time as your breast buds begin to develop. The term "pelvis" refers to the entire lower region of your abdomen. There are your ovaries, uterus, and vagina, all of which expand in size. Your body will expand at a pace that is specifically suited to you.
Pubic Hair
Pubic hair refers to the hair grown near your intimates. Only some pubic hair might appear initially. With time, you'll develop more pubic hair, which will also become thicker, curlier, and spread out toward your thighs. You might notice pubic hair before your breasts begin to develop, but most people think it happens the other way around. You generally won't notice any hair under your arms until right before or around the time your period starts
Fluid Discharge
Your vaginal fluid may have changed, this may be noticed 6–12 months prior to your first menstruation. It most likely won't have much of an odor and will be a thin, whitish liquid. This marks the start of your menstrual cycle. There will be fluctuation in fluid levels over time. In addition, the fluid will change in appearance and sensation throughout your cycle.
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