What you should know about Color variations in Period blood

There is a series of blood colours experienced during periods

Lighter periods usually have pinkish colour blood. In This case, there is nothing to worry about as the colour is caused due to the mixture of the red blood and mucus discharge from the vagina. 
Bright Red
This is a normal period colour. It indicates a healthy period as the Uterus is actively contracting the blood that is being discharged and doesn’t have enough time to oxidize, hence the colour remains the same.
Dark Red
Periods have dark red colour when the uterus takes a little time to contract and release the lining. The longer the blood stays in the uterus the darker the blood gets. 
Dark Red with Bloodclots
This is a sign that your uterus is not contracting properly and is taking more time to discharge the lining. In this case, the blood remains inside the uterus for a long time causing the clots. Blood clots are common amongst menstruators, however, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist if the same continues for longer durations.
The colour brown is usually witnessed at the end of the period cycle. It happens so when the period is about to end, The colour of the blood inside gets lighter which then oxidises. This phenomenon causes your period colour to be brown.