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"Young girls go through tease, shame and what not in school, home and around because of periods"

It has to stop…

Putting men into menstruation

Introducing Period Guide for Boys

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A comprehensive and empathetic resource designed to empower young boys with the knowledge and understanding they need to navigate the often misunderstood and taboo topic of menstruation

01 Breaking the Silence: Boys and Period

Boys are equally curious about periods, but they don’t have anyone to talk to, who can explain what their friends and sisters are going through.

Our guide provides a straightforward and age-appropriate explanation of the menstrual cycle, its biological processes, and the emotional and physical aspects women experience during their periods.

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02 Empathetic Boys: A guide to period Care

A young one is always a caring one for his sister. If given the knowledge, he can not only understand his sister’s behaviour and emotions in period days, but can also take care of her.

This part includes practical advice on how to offer support, including purchasing menstrual products, handling mood swings, and creating a comfortable environment for those experiencing menstruation.
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03 Beyond the Red Spots: Boys & Period Stains

A boy if taught in the right way can surprise the society about their thought process towards periods or period stains.

We emphasize the importance of empathy and respect in approaching menstruation, teaching young boys how to be considerate and supportive allies to menstruating individuals.

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04 Beyond the Myths: Boys & Menstruation Stigma

It’s important to talk about stigmas we as society have created so that they can get past to it. In this book, we talk about taboos and arguments given to support those to clear our young one’s mind.

We dispel common myths and misconceptions surrounding menstruation, promoting accurate information to foster a more inclusive and understanding society.
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Rapid Fire Round

Teaching your son about periods is an important aspect of raising a well-rounded and empathetic individual. Here are a few reasons why you should consider educating your son about this topic:
  1. Promotes empathy and understanding: Teaching boys about periods helps them understand what many girls and women go through on a monthly basis. This understanding can lead to greater empathy and support for their female friends, family members, and future partners.
  2. Breaks down taboos and stigma
  3. Fosters healthy relationships: When boys understand periods, they are more likely to be supportive and caring when someone they know is experiencing menstruation. This can lead to healthier and more respectful relationships in the future.

Yes, it is a good idea to teach your son about periods, even if you don’t have a daughter. As your son grows up, he will likely have female friends, partners, or family members who experience periods. Having knowledge about this topic will make him better equipped to be supportive and understanding in these relationships.

There is no right age, however you can consider below factors.

1. If he is >10 years old as his friends might start getting periods at this age

2. If his sister got periods

Yes, One of the objective of the book is to teach young ones to understand sister’s behaviour during periods and even care for her.

It’s common for young boys to be curious about things. Book part1 takes care of it in a simple manner.

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"The Young Man's Guide to Menstruation"

is not just a book;
it’s a tool for change, fostering empathy and respect for all individuals, regardless of their gender identity