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First Periods Don’t Have To Be Scary!

In India, 68% of the girls didn’t know about menstruation until they got their periods

How do I explain periods to My Daughter?

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First Period Book

PeriodBuddy has designed the...

First Period Book Set to share the right information at the right time.

The guide is divided into 7 Parts (1 part per cycle). It covers everything she needs to know without overloading her with information.

First Period Book-01 Pre-Period Book

01 Pre Period Book

First periods can be challenging for your child due to overwhelming emotions. The Pre-Period Book provides the information they need to get started on their period journey.
First Period Book 02 Symptoms

02 Symptoms

Periods are beyond bleeding which comes with package of other symptoms. This part of the book covers all of them with utmost transparency and lets your daughter know what’s normal and what’s not.

First Period Book-03 Choose Your Pads

03 Choose Your Pad

Here comes the challenging part, SELECTING PADSSS! With this book, your youngster can find the perfect pad for them. Afterall, their periods, their body, their choice.
First Period Book- 04 Skipping Periods

04 Skipping Periods

Your child might be confused by all the distinct period cycles, since the initial period cycles can fluctuate. This book will help your child understand these various cycles.
First Period Book- 05 Lifestyle

05 Lifestyle

A healthy period depends on an individual’s lifestyle. This book guides your child on how to maintain a good lifestyle to have healthier periods.

First Period Book- 06 Period Hygiene

06 Period Hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene is crucial during periods. Poor hygiene might increase the risk of infections. This book is all about ways of practising hygiene.
First Period Book- 07 Period Positivity

07 Period Positivity

Last but not the least. This book helps your child break past the conditioning around periods by allowing them to express themselves and encouraging them to not feel adversely about their periods.

"We Make Habits,
Habits Make Us"

Building healthier habits for better period experience through books

Period Hygiene

Period Hygiene is important part of your periods as it also determines ones Period Health.


The healthier lifestyle your daughter leads, with exercise, healthy food and good sleep; the better her periods will be.

Period Positivity

Taking periods in a positive way, will boost her confidence as well as keep her mental health in check.

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Yes. Before her first period cycle begins, she needs to understand about periods.

Pre-period book has been solely designed to equip her with the necessary information she needs to know before hitting her first periods.

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