First Period Books Set – 3 New Parts


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We are thankful to our customer (parents) who shared their feedback on what 8th book should be about..

 We are excited to share that we’ve recently added three new parts to the first period books set you initially purchased, expanding it from 7 parts to a total of 10 parts! 📚📚📚
First Period Books for Daughter Edition 23 Part4 Situations

Situations (New)

a compassionate and empowering guidebook for young girls, written with the intention of teaching them the importance of helping their friends navigate the challenges of menstruation, especially during school

A day with Dad - First Period Books for Daughter Edition 23 Part6

A day with Dad (New)

A heartwarming and relatable story unfolds when a young girl, home alone, unexpectedly gets her period. She’s always assumed her dad knows nothing about periods, but dad surprised her with his support and care for young one

Period Normalization - First Period Books for Daughter Edition 23 Part10

Period Normalization (New)

The story of a young girl’s quest to normalize conversations about periods unfolds in a refreshing and empowering way