First Period Books Set Edition Part 3 to 10


Veedhi Na**di
Veedhi Na**di
Has Daughter of >10.5 years old || Yet to get her first period
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Were Books Helpful?

"My daughter liked the book, those cartoon pictures helped her to clearly understand about periods. As a parent I had hitch in discussing about periods but books were really helpful in mentally preparing myself and my daughter to get ready for her periods. I really liked that few terms like PCOS were explained very well which we don't tell them initially"

What should be the 8th book about?

One topic that can be covered could be since screen time has increased, will it have any effect on her periods?

First Periods Don’t Have To Be Scary!

In India, 68% of the girls didn’t know about menstruation until they got their periods

How do I explain periods to My Daughter?

PeriodBuddy has designed...

First Period Book
First Period Book Set to share the right information at the right time. The guide is divided into 10 Parts (1 part per cycle). It covers everything she needs to know without overloading her with information.
First Period Books for Daughter Edition 23 Part3 Choose Your Pads

03 Choose Your Pad

Here comes the challenging part, SELECTING PADSSS! With this book, your youngster can find the perfect pad for them. Afterall, their periods, their body, their choice.
First Period Books for Daughter Edition 23 Part4 Situations

04 Situations (New)

a compassionate and empowering guidebook for young girls, written with the intention of teaching them the importance of helping their friends navigate the challenges of menstruation, especially during school

First Period Books for Daughter Edition 23 Part5 Skipping Periods

05 Skipping Periods

Your child might be confused by all the distinct period cycles, since the initial period cycles can fluctuate. This book will help your child understand these various cycles.
A day with Dad - First Period Books for Daughter Edition 23 Part6

06 A day with Dad (New)

A heartwarming and relatable story unfolds when a young girl, home alone, unexpectedly gets her period. She’s always assumed her dad knows nothing about periods, but dad surprised her with his support and care for young one

Lifestyle: First Period Books for Daughter Edition 23 Part7

07 Lifestyle

A healthy period depends on an individual’s lifestyle. This book guides your child on how to maintain a good lifestyle to have healthier periods.
Period Hygiene - First Period Books for Daughter Edition 23 Part8

08 Period Hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene is crucial during periods. Poor hygiene might increase the risk of infections. This book is all about ways of practising hygiene.
Period Positivity - First Period Books for Daughter Edition 23 Part9

09 Period Positivity

This book helps your child break past the conditioning around periods by allowing them to express themselves and encouraging them to not feel adversely about their periods.

Period Normalization - First Period Books for Daughter Edition 23 Part10

10 Period Normalization (New)

The story of a young girl’s quest to normalize conversations about periods unfolds in a refreshing and empowering way

"We Make Habits,
Habits Make Us"

Building healthier habits for better period experience through books

Period Hygiene

Period Hygiene is important part of your periods as it also determines ones Period Health.


The healthier lifestyle your daughter leads, with exercise, healthy food and good sleep; the better her periods will be.

Period Positivity

Taking periods in a positive way, will boost her confidence as well as keep her mental health in check.

Rapid Fire Round

Yes. Before her first period cycle begins, she needs to understand about periods.

Pre-period book has been solely designed to equip her with the necessary information she needs to know before hitting her first periods.


The right time to talk to your daughter about periods is before she experiences it for the first time. Girls typically start menstruating between the ages of 8 and 15, so it’s best to start the conversation when she’s around 8-10 years old.
Other than this, you can also use these ways to decide.
1. If her any of friends or classmate got periods
2. If there are signs of puberty

It’s common for young girls to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about discussing periods, especially if they haven’t had many conversations about it before. Here are some tips to help your daughter feel more comfortable talking about periods:
1. Share your own experiences:
Share your own experiences with periods.

2. Provide resources: Give your daughter books or articles about periods to read.

3. Create a safe space: Let your daughter know that she can come to you with any questions or concerns she has about periods

Teaching your daughter about periods is an important part of her overall health education and can help her navigate this natural and sometimes challenging aspect of puberty. Here are some key topics and information you should consider covering 1. About Periods, what they are, why they happen, when they happen etc 2. Period Symptoms: What all period entails along with what she can do handle different symptoms 3. Period Products: What all options are, how to use and how to choose best suited for her etc and the list goes on..

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