First Periods Are Never Easy



It's Not Only About Your Daughter But YOU As Well

It can be challenging to

Explain her periods

Ensure period hygiene

Track her periods

Choose the right pad

and more…

So, We Made A.....

First Period Plan


First Period Book Set

The first-period book set has wholesome insights on periods. It gives your daughter a clarified overview of periods and explains all the "whys" and "hows" she has about menstruation.

Blossom Kit

In Blossom (first period) kit, we provide you period hygiene products with an option to customize. The kit also includes period food to satisfy your daughter’s food cravings and make her first period comfortable.

Period Health

Along with tracking her periods (flow, duration, frequency etc), a doctor consultation will be provided to keep a check on her period health. A consultation by a gynaecologist will definitely put you and your daughter at ease.

Who gets to be her Best-friend?


1 Period Cycle
  • First Period Book Set
  • Blossom Kit

Care Plus

3 Period Cycle
  • First Period Book Set
  • #3 Blossom Kit (For each cycle)
  • #1 Gynecologist Consultation

Care Pro

6 Period Cycle
  • First Period Book Set
  • #6 Blossom Kit (For each cycle)
  • #2 Gynecologist Consultation
  • Surprise Gift

Take A Deep Breath, PeriodBuddy Will Handle The Rest.​



Go through the details of our plans and choose what works the best for your daughter.


Mark your calendars

Now, that you have selected the plan leave the rest on us. We are prepping your messiah to set off to a journey (to your home).  


Happy "Perioding"

Your daughter is not alone as now she has the ultimate companion to share her periods with.

We Care you Share

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We provide you with 80+ different types of pads from brands like StayFree, Nua, Whsiper, Sofy, Carmesi, Peesafe, and the list goes on.

The consultation provided to you will be online

The cost for consultation is “0”. The plan covers the cost of consultation. There is no extra fee charged for the consultation separately.

Our buddy will take 5-7 business day to reach at your doorstep.

Yes, gifting option is available. 

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It's Time To Give Your Daughter What She DESERVES!

First Period Plan


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