Periods are a pain in the back!

It’s not just the back, the pain is everywhere! and the mood swings are just the cherry on top!

The Charmer Kit was brought in as the big guns

Let's tour the kit

Charmer Kit- Period Hygiene

Period Hygiene

What Premium period hygiene looks like!


Period Food

Cravings or Healthy Diet?

Don’t you worry, We are cautious about your health and hence, we have put together Premium food. The Kit has a perfect balance of food cravings and nourishments for you.

Chill Kit Period Angel Magazine PeriodBuddy

Period Magazine

We know Mood Swings can be a pain!!!

Hence, the Angel Magazine, has been curated to uplift your mood and make you feel warm. It has everything for you to watch, read, listen and even cry to. 

Period Pamper

Saving the best for last 

The self-care section of the charmer kit contains luxurious accessories that will make you feel like a royalty.

Charmer Kit by PeriodBuddy Period Organizer

Essentials Organiser

A bonus!

Our kit comes in a high quality rigid magnetic box, which can be used as an organiser for all your menstrual products, forever!

& Here comes the fun part

Different bodies, different needs and a lot of options to choose from and that’s how we made the kit…

01 Personalized

Choose your own menstrual product, brands of your choice, size and more...

02 Organized

We organize all the products for you so that you have a mess-free as well as a stress-free Period.

03 Subscribe

You don't have to worry about your Period Care every month, subscribe to the kit and leave the rest on us.

04 Surprise

Different Month, Different Kit. Period food, pamper and magazine varies every month (for subscription customer)

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No, there are no extra charges. Please put the message in the order notes at checkout page for gifts.

Yes, you can choose your brand of choice at the check out page.

You will receive the box within 1-7 working days or based on expected period date.

Yes, Please reach out to us via whatsapp 9591740721

Period Care Turns Self-care!

The Charmer Kit


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