Messy Periods Cause Stressy Periods!

Period stress is a real thing, tracking your periods, forgetting to buy pads, running out of pads, and what not

so, The Chill Kit was made

For all your period essential needs, so that you can sit back, relax and CHILL !!

Inside the kit

Chill Kit Period Hygiene PeriodBuddy

Period Hygiene​

Chill Kit Period Food PeriodBuddy

Period Food​

To satisfy your period cravings, and to uplift your mood during Periods!

Chill Kit Period Angel Magazine PeriodBuddy

Period Magazine

Mood Swings can be a pain. So, we came up with The Angel Magazine, which has been curated to comfort and uplift your mood. It has everything for you to watch, read, listen and even cry to.

& Here comes the best part

we know it’s not same for everyone, after all, Your Periods, Your Kit

01 Personalized

Choose your menstrual products, brands, size and more.

02 Organized

We organize it for you, so that you can have a mess-free, stress-free Period

03 Subscribe

& Live worry-free, We deliver your kit, right at doorstep every month, a few days before your expected period date

04 Surprise

Different Month, Different Kit.
Period food and magazine varies every month (for subscription customer)

We Care, You Share

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Happy Customers

we’re here to answer all your questions

Yes, you can choose your brands of choice at the check out page.

Every month. We deliver your perosonalized kit 2-4 days before your expected period date.

Yes, you can pause your subscription anytime.

No, there are no extra charges. Please put the message in the order notes at checkout page for gift packaging.

The Days of
Stress-free Periods
are here!

The Chill Kit


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