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Caring, Comforting & Charming Period Experience

Chill Kit

Chill Kit

Kit has day-wise period hygiene care so that you don’t have to stress to get “Every month purchase”. It also has little treat for you.

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Cheer Kit

Comes with everything you wish you had during periods, food to satisfy cravings or period hygiene care, its all there.

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Charmer kit

Charmer Kit

Just when you thought it can’t get better, we’ve raised our own standards of pampering to give a period experience you’ll never forget.

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How it works

1st Month

We deliver Chill Kit

2nd Month

We deliver Cheer Kit

3rd Month

We deliver Charmer Kit

You ask, we answer

We will deliver one kit per month. For Ex:
1st month: Chill Kit
2nd month:Cheer Kit
3rd month:Charmer Kit
Order can be customized as per your preference
Yes, gifting option is available. It’s Free of cost

Yes, Do add message at checkout and we will design and add the card with message

Yes, Just add that in order notes at checkout page

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