Periods can be too much for your toooo young

Make your daughter’s period a breeze with our comprehensive Period Comfort Kit.

Thoughtfully Crafted, Age Appropriate Kit

We understand the challenges they face during this time, which is why we’ve carefully curated a collection of essentials just for them

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Inside the kit

Period Pads for comfort kit

Period Hygiene​

Period Food​

To satisfy young one’s period cravings and mood while taking care of essential need

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Period Magazine​

Mood Swings can be a pain. So, we came up with The Angel Magazine. It has been curated to engage and uplift her mood. It has everything for her to read, draw and do (activities).

& Here comes the best part

We know it’s not same for everyone, after all, Your Periods, Your Kit

01 Personalized

Choose your menstrual products, brands, size and more.

02 Organized

We organize it for you, so that you can have a mess-free, stress-free Period

03 Subscribe

& Live worry-free, We deliver your kit, right at doorstep every month, a few days before your expected period date

04 Surprise

Different Month, Different Kit.
Period food and magazine varies every month (for subscription customer)

we’re here to answer all your questions

No, Its designed for young one’s 2nd period onwards. Your daughter needs many other products for First period. Checkout our first period kit

Yes, you can choose your brands of choice at the check out page.

Every month. We deliver your personalised kit 2-4 days before your expected period date. 

Yes, We understand every girl’s period is different in initial days. It will be flexible based on her periods needs.

Yes, you can pause your subscription anytime.

No, there are no extra charges. Please put the message in the order notes at checkout page for gift packaging.

She is comforted means You are comforted

Comfort Kit Product images600420

The Comfort Period Kit for Daughter (Pre-Teens & Teens)


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