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Hi, so she really adored the gift and was surprised by all the small effort you put into it. Especially the amazing bags for the pads. you had put in quality gournmet products and food, and thank you for going the extra mile and putting in a hot water bottle. Tbh, you guys are the best care package / period care package i've found online. you beat your competition easily, and i do hope to do business with you in the future. Thank you so much😊

I'd probably give you guys a 15 out of 10👌
Sumeet Kaur
Nov 14, 2021 || Premuim Period Kit

Thank you, this got delivered today and my niece and sister both loved it!

It's so sweet and thoughtfully put together!!
Oct 28, 2021 || First Period Kit || Gift

Rating ∞/5

So everything is perfect means hrr wo cheez hai jo kisi v bndi ko psnd aa jaye hygienic things v h sleeping mask v achaa h

Overall sb achaa tha
Oct 25, 2021 || Premium Period Kit

Rating 10/10

I really liked all the things in the box, can't wait to use..🥰🥰
Oct 09, 2021 || Complete Period Kit || Gift

Hey Thank you so much

The Box was amazing Looked more like Christmas treats!❤️
Aug 26, 2021 || Complete Period Kit

I am So Happy with PeriodBuddy.


Aug 15, 2021 || First Period Kit || Gift

I don't Know how to thank you... my sister got so so so happy... i never seen her this much excited before to open the package .. she was crazy when she was opening it and there are so much things that u had packed inside with logic... thank u so much for this happiness that my sissy recieved from your hamper..its so beneficial to every girls.


Aug 15, 2021 || Complete Period Kit

This is very sweet of you.Thank you so much remembering my remarks and taking care of it. All the best !!

This just for your service. i am really happy when customers are listened too
Nidhi Shah
Jun 04, 2021 || Complete Period Kit

I Love The Box

Hey I have received my carebear box... And it is awesome... I feel so blessed to have this kit😇😇all things to pamper for week and to keep my mood swings in control... Now this is again amazing... 😊😇I have ordered the same for my sistercumfriend and I am sure she would love it too. 😇
May 10, 2021 || Complete Period Kit

I Love Love The Box

I Purchase again and again. Its very usefull box for every single girls.
Mar 26, 2021 || Complete Period Kit

Reviews 281-to-290​