Best Gift for Her?

We believe best gift to a women is care, care in days when she needs most. Periods are an integral part of her life, every month lasting for 30-40 years

“Earlier my periods were just those days whom i always wanted to skip but from last year the day i met you (Cheer kit), mu whole experience went ups and down and i love now when sent me this magical box oh god i love the experience of opening and when see so many things just to pamper me, I forget all my pain, i love what you have given me in my most low emotional days. You keep doing this because now you are like my Santa and every month i wait for my magical box”

Pampered Periods

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  • Suraj (∞ out of 5)

    So everything is perfect means hrr wo cheez hai jo kisi v bandi ko psnd aa jaye hygienic things v hai sleeping mask v achcha hai, overall sab achcha tha

  • Vidhi (Gifted by friend), 100 out of 5

    Hey thanks for the unbelievable package. Vi**i is very happy. I got the smile

  • Sumeet (Gifted to partner), I'd probably give you guys a 15 out of 10

    Hi, so she really adored the gift and was surprised by all the small effort you put into it. Especially the amazing bags for the pads. you had put in quality gournmet products and food, and thank you for going the extra mile and putting in a hot water bottle. Tbh, you guys are the best care package / period care package i've found online. you beat your competition easily, and i do hope to do business with you in the future. Thank you so much

  • Swati (Gifted by partner, Sanket) (10 out of 5)

    You guys made her day and in a way it made my day, So thank you, It's amazing

  • Swati/Ramit (5 out of 5)

    Hey guys, i would like to take some time out and appreciate the service and the products and presentation of them all. For whom it was meant, she loved it. and i wanted to convay that you guys are doing great and hope you keep serving like this. I'm happy after seeing the box myself and how well everything in there was managed and stacked. Thank you once again

  • Simran (Gifted by partner)

    I really liked all the things in the box, can't wait to use..

  • Raj/Valentine Gift

    Yes she said very amazing gift for period, Super packing

  • Isha (Gifted by best friend, girl, Dhwla)


  • Monika Singh (5 out of 5)

    - Got as a gift. Thank you for the great curated box with the various items. It’s what I needed and keep up the great work.

  • Pranay

    I gifted it to my partner. Truly understands the needs of women having their periods. good work, keep it up. She liked it very much

  • Sriteja Nemani (GIfted to my bestfriend)

    First time in life, I celebrated my periods!, I loved it, it had everything I wish during those days, I really felt pampered, it was so lovely, curated perfectly for a woman, I gifted it to my bestfriend and she really loved it.

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Asked by men like you

Can I add extra chocolates?

Yes, you can. Just reached out over whatsapp and we will customize it for you.

Is gift wrap available?


Can I add a message?

Yes, We will design the message and share 2-3 designs over whatsapp for your approval

What is the estimated delivery time of the product?

Our buddy will take 2-7 business day to reach at your doorstep.

I don't know which brands my partner uses?

No worries, we will send organic brand pads only.
On a lighter note, please know period details about your partner, not only pads, but other details as well.

Is speed delivery available?

Yes, please reach out to us over whatsapp and we can help you out

  • Why men should care about periods of their partner

    Menstruation is a natural process that is part of many individuals' lives. It's important for men, to care about their partner's periods. Here are a few reasons why men should show understanding, support, and care towards their partner's menstrual cycle:

  • Relationship Dynamics:

    Being attentive to your partner's needs during menstruation strengthens the bond and fosters open communication.

  • Shared Responsibility:

    Sharing tasks like purchasing menstrual products and assisting with household chores demonstrates equality and involvement.

  • Health Awareness And Support:

    Being aware of your partner's menstrual cycle helps monitor their health and encourage medical attention if needed.

  • Stigma & Normalization

    Caring about periods helps break down stigma and promotes a more inclusive environment.

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