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The Period Saviour Kit (Emergency)

The Period Saviour Kit (Emergency)

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  • For 10+
  • 2-7 Days
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Don't Let Your Periods Catch You Off Guard​

  • Basics

    Menstrual product of your choice (Pads/Tampons)

  • Period Hygiene

    We know the value of hygiene and cover you any situation

    • Disposable Bags (3)
    • Toilet Seat Covers (3)
    • Hand Sanitizer Sachet (3)
  • Disposable Panty

    Spoiled your underwear, we got you covered.

    • Disposable Period Panty
    • Spoiled Panty Bag
  • Pouch

    A sleek pouch that fits all.

You Ask, We Answer

Can I Choose Brand Of Menstual Product?

Yes, At checkout page, you can choose brands you use

Why Do I Need This Emergency Kit?

Having a period emergency kit ensures that you’re prepared for unexpected periods and can go about your day with confidence and comfort.

What If I Get My Periods When I Am Outside And I Don't Have Supplies?

PeriodBuddy Saviour Kit is made to keep you prepared in every situation. Toilet hygiene is not there, no worries as our pouch has toilet seat covers to keep you safe. Nothing for hands hygiene in washroom available, we got you covered.

What Is Disposable Panty?

It’s use and throw panty. If you have spoiled your underwear, disposable panty can be of great comfort. 

Say Goodbye To Period Mishaps With Our Emergency Kit