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The Blossom First Period Kit

The Blossom First Period Kit

Has everything your daughter needs to confidently make it through her initial periods

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Sanitary Product
First Period Books

In kit
Period Product: Organic/Inorganic Day & Night Pads (12), PantyLiners (2)
Period Hygiene: Disposable Bags (12) , Hand Sanitizer (12), Toilet Seat Covers Spray (1)
First Period Book Set (if selected)
Period Food: 5 Packs
Period Accessories
FREE Essential Organizer Box

  • For Pre-Teens
  • 2-7 Days
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Designed For First Period

The Blossom Kit

A Kit, which has everything your daughter needs to confidently make it through her first period

  • First Period Books Edition 2023

    Designed to share the right information at the right time. It covers everything she needs to know without overloading her with information. The set has 10 Parts.

    Read More 
  • Menstrual Product

    Best for one, not for all! We won’t let your daughter settle for anything less, but the best. We send different pads like Whisper, Azah etc. which give you an opportunity to choose the most appropriate one for her.

    • Day Pads
    • Night Pads
    • Pantyliners
  • Period Hygiene

    We know how important it is to maintain hygiene during periods. The kit includes everything your girl needs for a healthy and safe period.

    • Disposable Bags
    • Toilet Seat Covers
    • Hand Sanitizer Sachets
  • Period Food

    The kit includes curated period food for symptoms and other needs. We satisfy your daughter’s food cravings and make her first period comfortable!

    • 5 Packets curated for pre-teens
    • Having chocolates, cookies, iron rich bars, syrup, milk enhancer etc
  • Period Accessories

    We understand first periods and include items essential for it.

    • Sanitary pads carry pouch
    • Heat bag
    • Period diary
    • Period tracker
    • Period essentials organizer
  • Angel Magazine

    Curated fun and engaging activities which makes her forget she is on period!

    In the kit

    • Angel magazine for kids
  • Period Essentials Organizer

    Periods are gonna be part of her life, so will be our hard rigid box. No more hiding period stuff here and there

    In the kit

    • Cute rigid magnetic box


Asked by parents like you

What are the different brands of pads provided?

We provide you with 80+ different types of pads options from brands like StayFree, Nua, Whsiper, Sofy, Carmesi, Peesafe, and the list goes on.

When should I purchase the kit?

It's a good idea to purchase a first period kit before you anticipate needing it. We have parents who have ordered in advance to be prepared for their daughter's first period.
Since the onset of menstruation can vary for each individual. Here are the signs that indicate first periods are near.

  1. Height growth at a halt: If her height grows at a high pace and you see a slow down in her height, probably less than 2.5 inches per year, then understand that her periods are around the corner.
  2. Breakout of pimples: Breaking out of pimples can also be taken as a hint of her period getting closer.
  3. Vaginal discharge and cramping: Another sign of her period starting soon can be vaginal discharge fluid (whitish substance like mucus). Similarly, if your daughter is facing extreme cramps around the abdomen, it is better to be prepared for the "Period Day"
  4. Mood swings: When she suddenly turns her "Drama queen" mode on and starts throwing mood swings at you, it's the time you can expect her periods soon.

Is gifting option available?

Yes, gifting option is available. It’s Free of cost

Give Beautiful Start To Her Period Journey

First Period is a big change which needs a preparation for hygiene, cravings, pain and what not

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